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Christian Religious Events And Conferences For 2015

religious-eventsThe year 2015 presents numerous opportunities expected to bring people together through Christian religious events and conferences. Depending on where you live, religion and interests, you can choose from to attend different events throughout the year. It is important to choose attending Christian events or conferences that promise to help you achieve your goals, whether spiritual or professional. Look out for events that promote Christian faith, purity, networking, education and good causes.

Some of the Christian events and conferences worth attending for the year 2015 include the following:

The NRB International Christian Media Convention

The four-day event started on February 23rd and ends on 26th. This event brings together some of the best communicators and professionals working in various Christian media. It is the right event to attend if you want to connect and engage with renowned speakers for motivation, encouragement and spiritual nourishment. The event provides an opportunity to meet with pastors, artists, writers, publishers, broadcasters, producers, and consultants among other professionals. Through it, you can get empowered not only spiritually but economically as you will create connections and discover many valuable resources and tools. It is also the perfect event for trade shows as it features about 200 companies.

2015 Society of Christian Philosophers (Midwest Regional Conference)

Themed “Practical Religion”, this conference starting from March 20, 2015 to March 22, 2015, brings together Christian philosophers with keynote speakers coming from different universities. It is sponsored by the Society of Christian Philosophers and will be hosted by the Spring Hill College together with the University of South Alabama. With current academic scholarship focusing more on religious beliefs, this conference will allows scholars to look more into the practical aspects of the Christian religion.

2015 Leadership Summit β€” The Gospel and Racial

The events recently witnessed in Ferguson have stirred conversations about racial issues in America. The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation or the 2015 ERLC Leadership Summit beginning from March 26-27, 2015, in Nashville, will be addressing these issues based on the gospel. As a Christian, you will have an opportunity to understand racial reconciliation and how to engage communities on the subject. You will learn from great speakers and panels discussions that will be held during the period of the summit.

Christian Women’s Events – LifeWay

Beginning November 12 to 14, 2015, the 20th Anniversary Forum will be held in Hendersonville (Nashville area), Tennessee. The event is themed β€œOne” and because it is the 20th Anniversary Forum will bring together leaders of all ages. The forum will give women an opportunity to share ideas, information, strategies and inspirations with each other. The top women leading various ministries as well the best authors have an opportunity to address the gathering. Worship forms an important part of the event, so Christians can look forward to getting uplifted spiritually. With all the women leaders serving in different areas of the society, as well as all the potential women leaders expected to be in attendance, there is definitely a lot to learn during the forum.

Across the continents, many other Christian religious events and conferences for 2015 will also be expected to take place. You might want to attend most of the local events and where possible an international event. But using technology you can follow up news about even more events around the world and still be inspired.